Refiner's Fire
Running the Race

Refiners Fire

Purify my heart,
Let me be as Gold and precious silver.
Purify my Heart, let me be as gold,
Pure Gold.

Refiner's Fire,
My heart's one desire,
Is to be Holy,
Set apart for You Lord.
I choose to be Holy,
Set apart for You my master,
Ready to do your will.

Purify my heart,
Cleanse me from within and make me holy.
Purify my heart, cleanse me from my sins,
Deep within.

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* Rejoice in God.
We will rejoice -- let's sing it again.
Rejoice -- rejoice
And then lift up the Savior of men

We must learn -- we must learn.
To be quite contented
Whatever the circumstance
Never fear, God is near
So rejoice everybody *

We can really do all things
Through Christ who strengthens us
We won't complain.
Nor will we grumble or fuss.
But instead we'll rejoice *

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Running the Race

As we run in the race,
With every witness in place.
We must throw off the load
Every sin that entangles us

Let's run; persevere (With) no hesitation
and fear Pressing on to the finish line

Fix our eyes on the One Jesus Christ,
Risen Son, Author, perfector of our faith
Who endured scorn and shame
As He took all the blame for the lost

He paid the cost -- for us,
And now He sits on the right hand of God. (2x)

Rise -- run the race before you
Renew your mind,
Leave past things far behind
Keep pressing on to the Lord's high calling
Let's realize -- the goal -- the ultimate prize

Come on, come on, and lift those droopy hands
And strengthen feeble knees
Come on, come on, Get up, stand on your feet

Make your paths straight.
Somebody is following you. (2x)

... make your paths straight

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