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60’s grads (and we know you're out there!), send news to Lori Gould, 19621 Northridge, Northville, MI 48167 or by e-mail to, or log on to and go to the “Office” page and the following links: Forms/Info for Echoes

Jeff ('68) and Vonnie Swinborne live in Woodbury, Minnesota. Jeff is in construction and has his degree for master carpentry and Vonnie works in a school kitchen. Two of their children are married, one still in college with his wife and the third has another year of high school.     


70’s grads, send news to Lori Gould, 19621 Northridge, Northville, MI 48167 or by e-mail to, or log on to and go to the “Office” page and the following links: Forms/Info for Echoes

Linn (Slater ’70) and Glenn Boese returned to Cote d’Ivoire in July, just in time for the latest soldier mutiny there on July 4.  An agreement was reached between the provisional government and the mutineers, and things returned to normal but in the meantime stores had been looted, cars confiscated, etc.  E-mail the Boeses at their new address:  (08/00)

Joel (‘71) & Kathy Swinborne live in Bemidji, Minnesota, and both drive school buses. All three of their kids will be in college for a couple more years.  One is working in a bank part-time and plans on getting married when out of school, the next plans on nursing and the mission field, and the third one is looking toward some sort of Christian service.   

Karen (Mills ’72) and Jean Charles Castagna (staff at Hopital Baptiste Ferke, late 70’s) live in Sassenage, France. Jean Charles is working at the Institut Laue Langevin, a nuclear research center where he is responsible for the upkeep and installation of certain machines.  He is also one of three pastors at their church. Karen is teaching English to adults in three different locations--engineering students in two different schools of the University of Grenoble, and at Schneider Electric. The Castagnas have four children. Jérémie is 18 1/2 and took exams last year to receive the BAC (received it with honors).  He starts at the Art Institute of Seattle in October, and is living near there, with Karen’s sister, Janice and her husband. Simon is 17 and has one more year of high school before taking his exams to receive the BAC. Tim is 12. He has just started junior high and loves it. He is the family Roller Hockey champion. Léa is 5 1/2 and taking English classes when she isn’t in primary school near home.  Karen would love to hear from other MKs that were at ICA with her (1963-1970).  The family will be in the Seattle area at Christmas and would love to get together with friends in the area.  E-mail Karen at (08/00) 

Mike (’73) & Deleen Cousineau returned to ICA in August 2000, Mike serving again as business manager and Deleen, as school counselor.  (03/00)

This spring Ken ('74) and Debbie Brayton and daughter, Valerie, joined a team from their church, helping construct a Bible House and sharing their lives with the people of Tlacolula, in the state of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. Daughter, Kristy, in college at Western Baptist College, Salem, OR, was not able to go. The team worked in partnership with the staff at Manos de Ayuda (Helping Hands), a local Christian medical clinic started by Northwest Medical Teams International, Inc.  Ken is the missions chairman at the Braytons’ church.  New e-mail address for the Braytons is

Mike (’74) and Amy Lyons and family were due to arrive in the U.S. for home assignment this summer and are reachable c/o Community Baptist Church  5715 Miami Street South Bend, IN 46614 Phone 219-291-1884  The Lyons hope to build a new church on their return to Spain next year.   (05/00)

After 14 years as missionaries in Ivory Coast with CB International, Duane (‘75) and Janet (Skinner ‘74) Abuhl have just moved to Mansfield, Missouri where they will be serving with Friends of New Tribes Mission. They will be helping missionaries who are evangelizing the unreached people groups with their projects and short-term work teams. Other areas of ministry are administration and church planting development. They have two children: Julia (ICA ‘97) has completed 3 years of college at Wheaton College. She was married to Mark Myers on August 11, 2000, in the Wheaton area. David (17) has completed 3 years of high school at ICA and will take his senior year in Missouri. ( 

Marc (‘75) & Danielle Bacon live in Quebec, Canada. They have two children: Marie-Helene (14) and David (10). Marc is a self-employed consulting engineer, elder in the church, adult Sunday School teacher and sometimes preacher, and secretary of the Board of the Christian school their children attend. ( 

Scott (Staff) & Linda (Bigelow ’75; staff) Young live in Durango, Colorado. Scott owns an auto repair business. Linda is a manager in an intensive care unit. They train short term missionaries and coordinate all the missionary activities at their church. They have two children: Kyle (15) and Teri (10). ( 

Steve & Nansie (Burns ‘75) Ike are presently on home assignment in Atlanta. Steve is Regional Director of the West African countries for Evangelism Explosion. Nansie has been teaching at ICA as a special education teacher. Right now she is the schooling coordinator for all of their C&MA homeschooled kids in West Africa. They have also been involved in prison ministry. They will be moving to Abidjan when they return next summer and continue what they are doing now. They have four children: Craig (16), Kaitlyn (14), Conor (11) and Alexandra (7). ( 

Patsy (Herber ‘75) Ferm lives in Jacksonville, FL. She is the President and Director of a non-profit corporation that makes business loans utilizing the Small Business Administration programs and has also started her own financial consulting company this year. She has three children: Jamie Marie (19), Teresa Ann (18) and Ben (9). ( 

Matt & Joy (Holmes ‘75) Holman live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Matt is an associate pastor. Joy is the office manager at a computer consulting firm. They have two children: Angel (21) who got married May 20, 2000, and Jake (16) who enjoys basketball and plays the guitar. Joy enjoys reading and jogging in her free time. Her dream is to someday open a home for unwed mothers. ( 

Steve & Debbi (Pierce ‘75) Clouser are on a 6-month home assignment to help their son Daniel get settled into life in the U.S. He is attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They also have two daughters: Sarah (14) and Elizabeth (11). While on the field they have been ministering with C&MA at the West Africa Alliance Seminary in Abidjan for the past two years (after 3 terms in Burkina Faso). Debbi teaches in the women's program and works in administration, while Steve teaches computer classes and a course in spiritual warfare. ( 

Dave (‘75) & Carol Pinkston live in Liberty Township, Ohio, a northern suburb of Cincinnati. They have two boys: Luke (13) and Morgan (10). Dave is completing his 15th year with Procter & Gamble where he's a Principal Scientist. They are very involved in their church. The boys enjoy soccer and ice hockey. ( 

Steve (’75) & Georgianne Pittman are in their third term as missionaries with Baptist Mid Missions in Curitba, Parana Brasil. Steve teaches in a Bible College and also is involved in church planting. They have three children: Stefanie (17) has only to finish senior English to finish high school and is beginning her first year of Bible college this semester at the Bible College where Steve teaches. Laura (15) is in the 10th grade. Adam (12) is in the 7th grade. (

John ('75) and Edna Swinborne live in Chesapeake, Virginia. John is retired from the Navy and working in the landscaping business and loving it. He heads up four crews. Edna still works as school nurse.  Two of their kids are out of high school now and both going to college. The other one has a couple years to go in high school.

Paul (‘75) & Anne van den Berg live in France. They have three boys: Nathan (10), Timothy (7) and Lucas (5). Anne teaches kindergarten. Paul works in building construction - they specialize in integrated kitchens, central heating systems, and swimming pools. They live near the mountains and enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing. (  

Lee (’76) and Violette (McGarvey ’75) Abuhl have joined Campus Baptist Church of Ames, IA, in their outreach ministry to college students at Iowa State University.   They will still be full-time missionaries with Evangelical Baptist Missions. The Abuhls have four children: Jared (19) is a sophomore at Wheaton College, Tirza (17) is a senior at ICA this year, Melinda is 11, and Larissa is 8—Violette is homeschooling Melinda and Larissa. ( 

Judy (Weidman ’76) Bobbett spent time on a missions trip to Haiti in March, helping a team of friends doing construction projects on a radio station operated by OMS, a local mission board. She shares from her journal:  “How to express the flood of thoughts and feelings that have washed over me since stepping on Haitian soil... the sights, the sounds, the smells, so much like Africa. I'm carried back 25 years in an instant and all the years in between compacted into just a moment of time. I'm seventeen again, looking out the window of the rapide and seeing the color and chaos of Africa.…Africa, transported across an ocean and concentrated and compacted into a tiny space called Haiti...I feel so at home." Judy and her three children also have a wonderful new house in Greenwood, IN, which they moved into at the end of May. (06/00)

Steve (‘76) and Amy Nehlsen spent last year in Pennsylvania on home assignment and returned in August to Bouake where they work with the Jula population with the C&MA. Their children are Abigail (born 11/89), Kari (1/93) and Peter (12/96). The Nehlsens enjoy doing things as a family and especially enjoyed visiting Disney World this past year. E-mail address:   (08/00)

Rindi Bowman (’77) was with Africa Evangelical Fellowship for nine years, then transferred to the SIM USA office which is in the same town in North Carolina. Eventually the Lord opened up a position for Rindi at SIM International, who had relocated to the “old” AEF building. Rindi is now Personal Assistant to SIM International’s Deputy General Director.  November 15 – 25, 1999 Rindi got to travel with her boss to Honeydew (Jo’burg), South Africa. Besides putting in lots of hard work, Rindi also did some shopping, enjoyed visiting church planting ministries and visiting Pilanesburg game park. “The memories of being overseas again, meeting quality people & renewing friendships, besides the technical knowledge that I gained are all immeasurable.” In 1999 Rindi passed the Certified Professional Secretary exam. She expects to accompany her dad and step-mom, Sandy, on a trip to Mali in February. Send e-mail to or  (08/00)

Earl Hotalen (’77), wife, Lynn and 4 children are serving in leadership at Edgewood Ranch for troubled children in Orlando, FL. Val (Vespa ‘79) and Wade Killen are serving with them. E-mail is  (09/00)

Temporary e-mail address for Hugh and Debbie (Pinkston ’77) is:  The Redmons are planning on living in Panama City, FL from July 30, 2000, until June 15th, 2001. (07/00)

Rod Ragsdale (’77) says it’s not bad being married and ”Are there any skydivers out there? I have a D license and a tandem rating and happened to be at Skydive Oregon the day that Matt Davis (ICA ’97) showed up to make a skydive. Guess who he had on his back at 13,000 feet! If you are looking for a great time and you happen to get the urge when I happen to be on furlough, I would love to make a jump with you!  For the while though, I am grounded but having the time of my life getting to know Angelika, my new and from now on, lifetime passion!” The Ragsdales moved to Korhogo, Cote d’Ivoire in September, after spending a year in Togo working with the SIM Pastors’ Bookset Project there. (08/00)

Dave Ruten (’77) recently traveled for 2 weeks to SIM’s International Council meetings in North Carolina, then was able to spend a week with his folks in Saskatchewan.  Back in Burkina he, Marianne, and kids also enjoyed a 3-week visit from some of Marianne’s family, and his sister, Colleen, arrived on July 25 to work on the Pastors’ Book Sets project for Burkina for 5 months. (07/00)

Juleen (Swinborne ’77) Hayes returned to Ghana in June with her three kids, Michaela, David, and Rachelle, and the family is seeing many answers to prayer, both in areas of ministry and the routines of life.  They were able to get a pick-up truck in Juleen’s favorite vehicle color, forest green (long story J —Ed.).  Their container arrived safely in July with minimal red tape and duty attached to it.  They are praising the Lord for running water in their house and hoping to see electricity in the village soon. E-mail the Hayes at (08/00).

Heidi (Zobrist ’77) & Jorge Guzman are still in Fort Mill, SC, near Charlotte, NC.  Highlight of 1998 was a summer trip to Switzerland, native land of Heidi’s dad. The family enjoys camping and in August 1999 they got to visit Virginia, Washington DC and Philadelphia. They traveled to Peru for a month this summer to visit Jorge's family. “Had some exciting (and scary) trips over narrow mountain roads and visited some awesome Inca ruins and tourist sights. Decided to keep Machu Picchu for our ‘next’ trip.”  Daughter Linda is in 6th grade this year, and Katrine is in 5th.  Both are in gifted and talented math and science classes and enjoy submitting poems and artwork for the yearly Southern Sampler Magazine.  Jorge works at Delta Scale, Inc. and Heidi works part time in the public school, tutoring ESL.  E-mail Heidi at  (08/00)

Ken (’78) and Sarah Beckley have been on the road a lot lately.  In April they made a trip to Cote d’Ivoire after a local doctor said son Marc (then 3) needed an immediate tonsilectomy.  The doctor in RCI said his situation was not that critical, and that his sore throats will gradually improve with age and penicillin treatments as necessary.  The old radio modem the family uses for e-mail by short-wave radio was bitten by the Y2K bug and has now been fixed, but they have had to start over again.  Help them re-build their address book by sending a friendly note to  [Remember the usual courtesies to those overseas with e-mail. –no forwarded jokes, chain letters, etc.  --Ed]

Jim (’78) and Carol Boyd live in Tehachapi, CA, with children Johanna (born 10/88), Jimmy (1/90), Luke (1/93), and Christopher (12/94).  Jim is an L.A. County deputy sheriff, and Carol is a nurse.  Family interests include:  home schooling, AWANAs, and AYSO. (spring 2000).

Bryan Cole, son of Karen (Slater '78) and Curt ('78), took quite the trip on his Easter break in Ecuador. He went with a school friend whose father is the chief of the Cofan indigenous tribe, after growing up among them as an MK, and later returning and marrying a Cofan woman. Bryan first flew by jet to the small oil town of Lago Agrio, then took a 2 hour drive to the Napo River, then had a 6 hour canoe trip into the village. Daughter Carissa is in the vocal ensemble at Alliance Academy this year. Brandon is on the JV soccer team. Curt has assumed the position of International Radio Director for HCJB's Latin American region, responsible for all the language services broadcasting from Quito. The Coles recently moved into a new home within walking distance of HCJB. E-mail the Coles at (09/00)

Terri Hotalen (’78) is a CMA missionary nurse in Gabon.  Terri came home in July for a one year home assignment and is living with her folks, Bud & Jean Hotalen, in Toccoa Falls, GA, when she's not on tour. This fall she is on a 10-week tour between Birmingham, AL and the Tenn/KY state line, in the CMA churches in that area. E-mail Terri via her folks at (09/00)


80’s grads – send news to Dan Buck at, or mail to 8037 12B Rd., Argos IN 46501.

In April, Elisabeth and Rick (’80) Arnold welcomed a son, Arickson, to their family of 3 daughters. Youngest daughter, Alyssalyn, almost 5 years old, is trying a new vaccine for continuing health problems.  The Arnolds were in the U.S. this year, but Rick planned to leave for Senegal in May 2000, and Elisabeth and the children were to fly back on July 5-6, as the family continues their ministry with the Soninke people with Pioneers.  New e-address for Africa is (summer 2000)

Cherisse (Corbin ’80) is married to an Army chaplain, Keith Jackson.  They have two boys and live in Texas.  (02/00)

Debbie (Dresler '80) Runkel and her husband Dave in Everett, WA with their three boys, Jordan (9 1/2), and twins Troy and Travis (6). Debbie works from home as a freelance graphic designer and volunteers at the boy's school on a regular basis. Dave recently left Boeing and took a job with AT&T Wireless as a network administrator. On the side, Debbie and Dave occasionally work together building web sites. Debbie handles the graphics, and Dave does all the technical work. Eight years ago, after Debbie's father passed away (Uncle Dick Dresler), the Runkels purchased a home with Debbie's mom, Aunt Bea Dresler. Between Awanas, baseball, soccer, swimming and skiing, Debbie and Dave are thankful to have her mom around to help keep up with all the boy's activities. E-mail Debbie at (08/00)

Scot Krake (’80) attended ICA in 10th grade and now lives in Poplar Bluff, MO,  E-mail:

Dianne (Hotalen ’81), her pastor husband, Mark Warner, and 4 children have just begun a new pastorate in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, KS, and are enjoying it immensely.  E-mail is (09/00)

Lori (Krake ‘81) Earl is married to Wayne Earl and the couple has a permanent address in Bellefourch, SD but is now living in Saudi Arabia with their children, Abigail (born 04/89), Evangeline (08/91), Esther (08/94), and Graham (03/96).  Lori did her undergrad work at Bethany College in Scotts Valley, CA and got a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies in 1991 from Wheaton.   “In the USA I was occupied as a pastor's wife, and taught sociology courses at a community college. For the past two years I have been busy homeschooling my 2 older girls.…I will be teaching in an international school where my kids will be attending, here in Saudi Arabia. Wayne is teaching English to Saudi naval cadets at a Navy training institute. We are completing our second year here in the Eastern Province, and are blessed by the opportunity to live and ‘be light’ in such a needy part of the world.…I'd love to hear from any old friends; just remember this is Saudi, and use discretion in your comments. Blessings”  E-mail address:

Jacqueline Grecco and Daniel Maxwell (’81), were married on May 20, 2000, in São Paulo, Brazil, Jackie’s home. The couple worked for 3 months this summer at SIM International at Radio ELVA in Abidjan between honeymoon weeks, returning to Quincy, Illinois, in early September for a wedding celebration/reception at a church there on September 23, and a subsequent move to Florida or Chicago at the end of September. They are thankful for God’s mercies and desire to show those mercies to others also through ministries such as radio outreach and teaching needy children and adults. Get the whole story at or e-mail them at (09/00)

Colleen (Pease ’81) and John Schleh, with son, Chad (born 4/90) are in their second term with C&MA in the Dominican Republic.  The are presently establishing a cell church among the middle class in Santo Domingo.  Colleen is also the mission bookkeeper, works in AWANA, is in charge of the kids’ program for the cell church and is part of the Field Leadership Team. Together she and John are involved in Marriage Encounter training.  E-mail the Schlehs at (spring 2000).

Cindy (James ‘82) Chupp lives in Millersburg, Indiana. She teaches second grade, is married, has four girls (ages 6, 8, 13, 14) and is active in  Gosher Church of God. (03/00)

Brian ('82) and Donna (Skinner ’82) Phillips are living at the foot of the Saleve mountain just outside Geneva, Switzerland. Brian’s company has its headquarters in Geneva and he is responsible for marketing U.S. and non-U.S. cargoes of grain to consuming countries worldwide. The family moved to Geneva in August 1999. The kids are doing well, according to the family’s Christmas 1999 newsletter. Nathan is 8 and attending the International School of Geneva.  Andrea is 5 and attending Swiss kindergarten. Hannah is 3 now and charms everyone with her attempts at French (or her own “language” with a French accent!).  Donna, too, is studying French. They welcome visitors. E-mail them at, or call them at 41-22-784-0035. (9/00)

Joan (Watkins ’82) and Dan Cuthbertson (’80) served as BMM missionaries for 2 1/2 years in Liberia, West Africa until the war. Their first daughter was born at home 14 hours before they were evacuated. Dan and Joan have delivered all their kids at home wherever they might be at the time. They have 7 children - Ruth Marie (3/90), Hannah (10/91) Seth (5/93), Lydia (12/94), Susanna (6/96), Isaiah (5/98), and Stephen (10/99). “They are all about 18 months apart and are a wonderful group. The Lord has blessed us to no end. Now we are missionaries here in San Pedro, Cote d'Ivoire after having gone to French studies in Canada. Dan is teaching in the Bible Colleges - both in English and in French, and helping in the church ministry here.” Joan takes care of the house and kids, home schools the 4 oldest, helps out at the church and does deliveries on the side. E-mail the Cuthbertsons at  (05/00)

Christine Corbin ('83) married Jeff Hittenberger, and now has 1 girl and 1 boy, and is at Vanguard University, L.A.  (02/00)

Tim Dresler ('83) and wife Sharon live in Everett, WA with their three children, Dan (13), Jonathan (6), and Sarah (3). Tim is the manager of a health food store, while Sharon is a stay at home mom. The Dreslers are currently selling their home in Everett and trying to move to Lynnwood, WA about 10 miles south of Everett. This move will bring their children closer to the Christian school they attend and Tim closer to work. E-mail Tim at his sister's e-mail address  (08/00)

Brian Bliss’ folks have reported that at the end of last school year son, Brian, (’84) pushed out the walls at Berea to make an "apartment" for his family (they are dorm-parents there), and then did the same at the end of the dorm to give Aunt Aileen more living space than she has had for almost 25 years. E-mail Brian at (06/00)

Andy (’84) & Stacey Curtis welcomed son, David Andrew, February 8, 2000. “It's been neat watching our first born, Elizabeth, warm up to David. We continue to live here in Kokomo, IN. Being the ‘cross roads’ through the mid-west, remember we've always got a cheap motel for ya at our place.”  E-mail:   (03/00)

Greg James (‘84) lives in Beloit, WI. He is married, has 3 adopted children  (twins age 3 and son age 2) and is pastor of Rock Valley Chapel in Beloit. (03/00)

Emeka Ojukwu (’84) has lived in the U.S. for many years. After ICA, Emeka went to an all boys school in Ireland and from there to England. He married Sophia on December 20, 1999. Emeka and Sophia have a new born baby girl. They now live in Chicago, where Emeka is the Principal Partner at exResource, Inc, a leading provider of subject matter experts in the business technology field with a focus on web technologies, client/server, and infrastructure solutions. E-mail Emeka at

Ruth (Phillips ’84) & Mike DesJardins live in Mahtomedi, MN, with their children Rachel (born 1/93), Benjamin (8/94), and Alexandra (8/98).  Ruth is an on-call RN, and Mike is a toolmaker.  Last spring the family took a trip to Switzerland to visit Ruth’s brother, Brian (’82) and his family there.  Ruth is enjoying home schooling and working in the children’s ER.  E-mail her at  (06/00)

Stephen Dresler ('85) works at a health food store in Lynnwood, WA, with his brother, Tim ('83). Computers are still his passion...getting involved with them anyway he can. "Nothing else. Not married. Haven't been on T.V. or in a movie.....haven't won any lotteries...the list goes on of things I HAVEN'T done :-o...go to work go home...but I'm happy." Stephen lives in Everett, WA.  E-mail him at (09/00)

Judy (Harvey ’85) and JP Schultz were on home assignment in Toccoa Falls, GA last year.  Children are Alexis (born 01/90), Stephanie (01/90), and Jordana (05/92). They recently re-located to ICA as Bethlehem dorm parents. “We are having a great time. We have 20 hi school girls. Things are going well. The biggest deal right now is the political problems. We are having evacuation drills once in a while and each kid has their evac pac ready in case something happens.”  E-mail Judy at (08/00)

Jennifer Jones (’85) is married to Scott Hayes and they live in Springfield, MO with their son, Aaron (born 11/97). Jennifer works as Administrative Assistant to Pres. and Vice Pres. Acad. Affairs at Global University, a distance education undergraduate and graduate program.  Scott works in educational distribution. The family moved this year to be near Jennifer’s parents for the first time since ICA.  (07/00).

In June Phil (’85) and Shannon Maxwell moved from Quebec to California.  Also this summer, Phil took a 4-day trip to Brazil for his brother, Dan’s (’81) wedding . The Maxwells are happy with the spacious two bedroom house that they have found to live in, in Livermore, CA, and plan to be there until December 10. Phil has enrolled in the two computer courses that the mission is asking him to have for his new work in the projects office at the Niger HQ. (06/00)  August update:  New son, Micah Ethan, was born August 16, joining big brother, Noah. E-mail the family at:

Mimi Ojukwu ('85) was at ICA from 1973-1976 then left and later graduated from a high school in England.  Mimi then went on for an LL.B. (JD English equivalent), at The University of Buckingham, UK and is now living in California and working as an attorney for MediaOne/AT&T. Mimi hopes to take the Bar Exam at the end of this year or beginning of next year.  “I attended ICA from the 1st to the 3rd grade. It was at ICA that I learned to speak English (I had to learn it fast because most people could speak but a few words in French and no one could speak a word of Igbo, my native language)….I…have great memories of ICA. After ICA, my brother, Emeka, and I went on to finish our elementary education in Ireland (Dublin), from there I went on to an all girls secondary school in England. After high school, I attended Emerson College, Boston for two years…before deciding to return to England to study Law at the University of Buckingham. Having qualified in England as an attorney, I went home (Nigeria) and took the Bar exam in case I ever decide to work there. I actually stayed in Nigeria for three years, came to visit one of my sisters, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA and never went back! I would truly love to hear from anyone who remembers me!” E-mail Mimi at (news--04/00 e-mail address updated 08/00)

On April 13, Trey Stombaugh, Phil (’85) and Kristin Stombaugh’s 17-month son, lost consciousness and was quickly diagnosed with cerebral malaria by a Burkinabe doctor in Ouagadougou.  He put Trey on IVs immediately and grandparents Ray & Lou Stombaugh report that Trey came through the ordeal well. Phil, Kristin, Trey (now 22 months) and Felicity (5 years old) are now in Conakry, Guinea learning the Susu language. They are working there under the Christian and Missionary Alliance, serving their first 4-year term, having spent the first year in French language study in Burkina Faso.

Allan (’86) and Robbin Ballard have a new e-mail address: Please discontinue use of the Hotmail address. (05/00)

Ard Louis (‘86) finished his PhD in theoretical physics at Cornell University in 1997, & then “spent four months travelling around the world, mainly Asia and Africa (climbed Kilimanjaro --- highly recommended!), visiting alumni from the Cornell International Christian Fellowship. Since Jan 1998 I have been working at Cambridge University (UK) in theoretical chemistry, and am also a fellow of Hughes Hall, one of its constituent colleges. The latter mainly involves eating elaborate formal dinners, sampling some superiour wine, port and sherry, and trying to figure out which knife goes with which course -). I'm also quite busy with a largish international student outreach programme here at Cambridge, where I lead an "Alpha Course" ( for seekers . It's great fun -- I've learned more from the seekers' questions than from any other form of Christian instruction.” E-mail Ard at   (03/00) 

Kevin Bliss (’89?) and wife, Michelle, hoped to be moving to California in July if Kevin got his final approval for the CHPS (California Highway Patrol) academy which started in August.

Jason Foster’s (’89) new e-mail address is, and he is now living in Fayetteville, AR. Jason finished his residency in June, spent a week in Atlanta, then flew to Uganda to spend 12 days with a missionary doctor friend there and returned in July. Jason specializes in pediatrics and has joined Springdale Children's Clinic, a group of six doctors in Springdale, AR. “So far it is going well. I love the kids. It is hard to keep from smiling when you play with kids all day long.” (09/00) 

On Saturday, July 29th, Lisa Slater (’89)’s boyfriend, Eric took her up to a mountain vista in Colorado Springs by an overlook of the city. “As we stood looking out at the breathtaking view, he said, "I picked up a little rock for you on the way." Then he got down on his knee and proposed! Need I even tell you what my answer was? Yes!!!!! …It has been incredible to look back and see how God has orchestrated this. =) I feel so blessed! Eric is a wonderful, godly man! …We are tentatively looking at an April wedding date.”  Congratulate Lisa at (07/00)

Laurel (Watkins (’89) and Paul Timblin are headed to Ghana as missionaries with the Association of Baptist for World Evangelism. The Timblins have two kids--Bethany, 4 years old, and Matthew who is 2. The Timblins will be heading up an aviation ministry on Lake Volta. is e-mail address. (03/00)


90’s grads, please send your news to Becky Hansen (’94) either by snail-mail at her NEW ADDRESS:  4336 Brentwood Green NW, Calgary, AB.  T2L 1L3, or call her at (403)202-3239, or e-mail her at

Mark ('88) and Kathleen (Macomber '90) Pierce and baby Alexandra (Alex) are looking forward to Alex’ brother’s arrival around February 22, 2001.  Mark is currently working in sales, and Katy is a stay-at-home mom. E-mail the Pierces at  (08/00)

Traci (Panter, ’90) and George Allen Cummings are living in Arlington, Texas.  They have been married for 8 years and have a 7 year old son, George Allen. Tracy states that he is smart, “just like his mother” and loves 2nd grade. Tracy is working at Sabre, Inc., an IT company that specializes in airline, car and hotel reservations. George is working for the Great American Cookie Co. as the morning baker, and he loves it.  George is still recovering from a major heart attack, and a 5 bypass surgery which he had in April, and Tracy is happy to report that he is doing great.  She considers him her miracle and writes, “There were several times during the surgery that I thought he was gone, but God placed a healing hand him and he made it through.  He is only 34 years old.  So it has been really hard for him to learn to slow down.  But he is doing it.” The Cummings’ e-mail address is:    (08/00)

Robin (Shea, ’90) and Kevin McGee (’91) welcomed their second daughter, Christina Shea McGee to the world on May 21, 2000. Mary (2& 1/2 years old) is a really good big sister. This fall, Kevin is back at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary part-time (about half-way through his Master's). He works full-time as the bookkeeper at the Center for Ministry to Muslims (AG) and works part-time as the pastor at the Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Robin is part-time faculty at Central Bible College, teaching 3 classes (French and Public Speaking), this fall. E-mail:  (08/00)

Julie (Wilson, ‘90) and Doug Farthing moved to Oklahoma City in June after living in Topeka, Kansas for 4 years.  Doug works as a television commercial editor for First Impressions Marketing and Advertising in Oklahoma City.  Julie has a Master's degree in Social Work and is currently looking for a job in the helping field.  They miss Topeka and the church they grew to love there, but enjoy being just 30 minutes from Julie’s  parents, who are on leave from Togo. The Farthings can be reached at:   (08/00)

Shari Anderson (’91), in Bamako with GMU, finally got a telephone in January of this year (  She is leading a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) study group which meets 2-3 times a week with 3 students and also doing some tutoring and other English classes. Shari vacationed at San Pedro, RCI in May.  E-mail her at  (07/00)

Regan Bliss (’91?) lives with his folks and is working at Forest Home Christian Conference Center in the mountains above Yucaipa, CA. He enjoys his place of ministry. (06/00)

Jeremy (’91) and Sabrina Erwin have been married for over six years and have two sons--Drew (3) and Luke (1).  The Erwins live in Dallas, Texas, where Jeremy works for Microsoft as an escalation engineer.  Jeremy’s e-mail address is  (08/00)

Becca Federwitz (’91) has finished her training and support raising and will be spending the next month or so visiting family and friends one last time to say good-byes as well as getting packed up to head overseas.  A commissioning service will be held at her home church in Memphis, TN on October 15 and after that she hopes to be on her way.  Becca’s assignment is to be a literacy specialist/consultant for the Dhimba literacy project in Namibia.  “If anyone is interested in getting my prayer letter, let me know.  My e-mail address is   It will be changing in October, but I'm not sure what the new one will be yet.  My snail mail address is 303 N. Lake St.  Box 2050  Aurora, IL  60507”  (08/00)

Micah (‘91) and Cara Key were married on July 20, 1996, after Micah graduated from Baylor University in 1995.  Their first son, Malachi Spence, was born on February 8, 1999.  Micah  started a non-profit humanitarian aid organization with a friend in 1998.  He and Cara now serve overseas in Palestine (the West Bank of Israel), teaching computer and English classes to Palestinian Arabs.   Their second son, William Michael, was born May 23, 2000. He died of a SIDS-like illness on July 12, 2000.  The Keys were in the U.S. until the end of August for his funeral and to spend time with family, then planned to return to the West Bank for several more years.  (08/00)

Amy (Long, ’91) and Pat McFarland  joined SIM as career missionaries in October 1999 and are currently raising a prayer and financial team to support them as they prepare to go to Southwestern Ethiopia to do Bible Translation for the Mursi. Their target date for departure is January 2001.  In December 1999, they moved from Rock Hill, South Carolina to the Akron, Ohio area (Pat's home). The biggest highlight this year for the McFarlands has been the birth of their son Sean Patrick McFarland, born July 12.  They are enjoying adjusting to being a family of three and love watching him grow and change so quickly! “We'd love to hear from other ICAers! We can be reached by e-mail   (08/00)

Congratulations to Shawn (’92) and Grace Barnwell who were married on July 22, 2000! Shawn is working as an engineer.  He and Grace are living in North Carolina and can be reached at    (08/00)

Susan (Albright, ’92) and Lee Mayo have been living in Conyers, GA for over 6 years now. Susan writes, “We met on a blind date and it has been wonderful ever since.”  Their son David James is 5 (12/29/94) and Ashlee Ruth is 2 1/2 (5/17/97). Susan was working fulltime in Human Resources before their daughter was born but is now a full-time mom. She also has a “miracle” part-time job working at home 2 weeks out of the month as an on-call coordinator for a medical staffing agency. She is very happy to be able spend time with her children.  Susan and Lee are the Directors for the Awana Club Cubbies (3K-4K) in their church and say it is really a teaching experience for them. They had the opportunity to see many MK’s this spring and summer through attending weddings of friends and family. (who just happen to be MK's :)  Susan writes, “If anyone ever needs to be picked up from the airport in Atlanta or needs a place to stay please don't hesitate to call. (E-mail first)”   Susan’s e-mail is:

Brent Boles (’92), after graduating from Calvin College, entered the electrical apprenticeship. He is now beginning his 4th year. On July 10, 1999, he married Becky Blank, a native of Pennsylvania. His mother wrote, “As they worked together in our church’s youth ministries when he came home from college their relationship blossomed.” Becky works at Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach, OR.  (09/00)

Jenny (Meyers, ’92) Jordan returned stateside summer of '90 and finished her last two years of high school at a small-town high school in Plymouth, WI. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she received a Bachelor's of Architectural Studies in1996. She and her husband, John Jordan, met at their church during Jenny’s last year of college and were married September 28, 1996. (No kids, yet!) John and Jenny just bought their first house in Racine, WI. They have called their house Lydia House, after Lydia in Acts who was a "home-base" for Paul and his companions on his missionary journeys. Jenny’s sister, Laura Meyer, is attending Moody to become a missionary pilot and John's sister is finishing up at SIL in Dallas. John and Jenny feel that the reason the Lord has blessed them with this wonderful home is so they can be a "home-base" for missionary friends and family between trips.  “So if you're coming through the upper Midwest, stop by! We're right off I-94 and just about 1-1/2 hrs north of Chicago.”  The Jordans can be reached at:  (08/00)

Trey Morgan ('92) is living in Ft Walton Beach Fl., working in the Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician or in the civilian world, Bomb Squad. Trey is married to Kristy, and they have a five yr old daughter named Desiree. They are expecting another around the end of March. E-mail Trey at

Gordon Tisher (’92) is living in Surrey, BC, where he works as a computational linguist for a high-tech start-up called Gavagai Technology.  Gordon can be reached at:

Andy and Becky (Watkins, ‘92) Messer, just had their 3rd child on July 26, 2000. Her name is Nadia Anne. She was born in Quebec, Canada where Andy and Becky have just finished language school. Andy and Becky are busy packing and hoping to leave for Côte d'Ivoire some time before the end of this year, when the elections are over and they are sure things are safe.  They would love to hear from any fellow ICAers.   E-mail:  (08/00)

Craig and Renée (Bissett, ’93) Harvey are currently living an hour south of Sydney, Australia. Craig works as a business manager of a Christian School, and Renee is a part time Early Intervention Teacher. The Harveys have no children yet, but they have a very affectionate cat, Bronte. Renee is very involved with the Missionary Kid Network based in her state.  Craig and Renee will be taking an around the world trip at the end of the year which will include Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, London, Paris, New York, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and California. They are really looking forward to seeing Renee's classmates.

Joy Brokopp (’94) is presently living in New York  and doing some travel nurse work.  She works 13-week contracts at hospitals of her choice, which she enjoys as she is getting a lot of different types of experience.  She writes, “I am not sure where I go from here but right now I am just enjoying life.”  You can reach Joy at  (08/00)

Becky Hansen (’94) graduated from the University of Calgary in May 1999 with a Bachelor of Social Work.  She has been working in Wetaskiwin, Alberta as a child protection worker since graduation.  On September 5, 2000, Becky transferred to a job in High River, Alberta, and moved back to Calgary.  The job will be a broader range of responsibility than what she has been doing in Wetaskiwin and she is looking forward to learning new areas of the child welfare field.   Becky was really looking forward to getting back to the big city and her church, friends, and family there. Becky can be reached at:  (08/00)

Heidi Kunkle (’94) married Jeff Frazee in July 1999.  The couple had attended Moody Bible Institute together for four years. October 1999-July 2000 they spent working in Mali near the border of Mali and the Ivory Coast, gaining some missions experience together--Jeff had never been overseas before.  They returned to Jeff's home in San Jose, California in July. The Frazees plan to become career missionaries and are currently preparing to return to ICA in Jan 2001 to be Baraka dorm parents for two years. “We are excited, but do pray for us.” E-mail the Frazees at (09/00)

Tony Loken (’94) is living in Texas, working for Texas A&M University Security.  He says he has a wonderful woman in his life and they are planning on getting married next year, although it is not official yet. Her name is Julia Christensen, and she lives down by South Padre Island.  Tony plans to move there as soon as he can.  Next year, Tony plans on going back to school to get an engineering degree. E-mail Tony at   (08/00)

Adam Morgan ('94)is in Nashville, going to college, and working at the Grand Ole Opry. He is enjoying life.

Kent Tisher ('94) has moved from Langley, BC to the lovely province of Alberta (can you tell the editor is biased? =)) where he is teaching voice, drama, and strings at Lakeland College in Lloydminster. He has only been teaching for a short time, but enjoys it so far. Kent can be reached at

Susanne (Walton, ’94) and Shaun Fuller (’94) were married in June 1998.  Susanne completed her BS in Early Childhood Special Education at Union University and is now a preschool teacher for autistic children.  Shaun is working in corporate services for BF Goodrich.  As soon as he gets his green card, he plans to finish his degree. E-mail: (08/00)

Lauren (Bissett, ‘95) Fisher is currently Marketing Manager of TLC Consulting Services on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. She and her husband, David, have two huskies, which substitute as children. In their spare time, Lauren and David enjoy the Australian bush, walking the dogs, and downloading MP3s from the Internet. Lauren is also involved in Website design for the Australian MK Association. The Fishers will buy a house in the next couple of months and will be staying in Australia for a couple more years before (God-willing) relocating to West Africa. (08/00)

Rachel Boles (’95), just earned her RN this summer and is now working at a local hospital near Seaside, OR. Her long term desire is to do missionary nursing, so she is expanding her surgical nursing skills. Mom writes:  “The Lord has provided her a great opportunity, placing her in our operating room with a crew that loves to teach her. She is a ‘natural’. The loves of her life these days are Mariah and Sunny, her two mares. She is learning what it is to be a horsewoman.”  (09/00)

Naomi Charbonneau (’95) Guignard  has been happily married to Sebastien Guignard for three years now.  Sebastien is pursuing a university degree in accounting and he and Naomi would like to serve God together in the future.  Sebastien has also attended Seminary. Please pray for Naomi as she has been sick for 4 years with chronic malaria.  The doctors are not able to guarantee her a full recovery because the effects of the malaria have been quite severe.  However, Naomi writes, “God has given me the strength to go through this and I can say that I am far from a nervous breakdown.   Life is good despite the circumstances.  I am learning lots of things and great keys to a happy life and I am grateful to the Lord for all.”  Naomi’s e-mail address is  (08/00)

Jeny Johnson (’95) is married and living in Butler, Indiana. Edman Charlton II and Jeny were married November 3, 2000. Jeny is currently looking for a job and decorating the "bachelor" pad. She can still be reached at or at

Cristan Moore (’95) is living in Richmond, VA, and working as an information specialist for IMB.  She just moved into her own apartment and loves it. In her free time, she runs and goes out for coffee with her girlfriends.  She writes, “I'm not always the best correspondent, but I would love to hear from you guys. :)”  Cristan’s e-mail address is: (08/00)

Becky (Babcock ’96) Williams graduated from Union University with a degree in Social Work in May 2000. She has started a job with Pathways, a mental health facility, working with adolescents who have been neglected by their families or who are delinquent.  Congratulations to Becky on her marriage to Nathan Williams August 5, 2000!  The Williams are now living in Union City, TN.  Becky writes, “Things are going well and we are having a blast. Hope to hear from everyone.”  E-mail the Williams at (08/00)

Bryan Baldwin (‘96) graduated with honors from Pt. Loma University with a double major in journalism and communication. He has worked for the mayor of San Diego and written for the San Diego Metropolitan. Presently he is completing a research fellowship with the university and working at Superior Court in San Diego while interning at the largest PR group in San Diego. He thinks he will pursue something in international PR, with more schooling but isn't sure. ( 

Paul Federwitz (’96) graduated from Concordia University in May of '00 with a degree in both Computer Science and Communications. He is currently living in Los Angeles  and working at a computer company in Santa Monica. Paul can be reached at:   (08/00).

Deanne (Hagerup, ’96) and Jason Maas were married on July 29, 2000, in State College, PA.  Deanne says that the wedding was perfect and they were privileged to have Rachel (’96) and Mark (’97) Haynes attend and sing in the wedding ceremony.  They honeymooned in California.  They will soon have pictures posted at for anyone who is interested.  Deanne graduated this past May from Penn State University and has now joined Jason in Endicott, New York, where he works for IBM.  Deanne will be going to school to become a physical therapy assistant.  E-mail the Maases at   (08/00)

Julie (’97) Abuhl married Mark Myers on August 11, 2000 in the Wheaton, Illinois area. [See “Weddings” for ICA-ers in attendance.]  Mark graduated the week after their wedding -- he's a chiropractor. They are living in Wheaton. Julie has one more semester at Wheaton College. (08/00)

Christine Bijl (’97) is currently living in Florida. She is a Jr. Programmer, working for a contractor, who has been contracted out to AutoTrader.   Christine writes, “I'm still looking for Mr. Right :). I'm enjoying Florida and the single life.”  You can reach Christine at  (08/00)

Becky (Conkle, ’97) and Shawn McCabe (’98) were married July 10, 1999.  Their wedding was like an ICA reunion! They are living in a little house about five minutes from the campus at Toccoa Falls College, where they are both attending and they regularly have the ICA alumni attending TFC at their house for games and food. Becky will graduate in May with a Counseling Skills degree and Shawn will graduate in 1 1/2 years with a paramedic degree.  They are planning on heading overseas with CAMA services for at least two years and then seeing where the Lord leads them after that.  Shawn is working full-time at the hospital in their county. Becky works part-time at a group home for the mentally ill and says it is quite an experience (just like being back in Bethlehem, right, Becky? - Ed).  She also works part time as a nanny for a local doctor in Toccoa.   E-mail:  (08/00)

Ryan Einfeldt (’97) is going into his senior year at Cedarville University in Ohio. He is still majoring in Music Education and plans to do his student teaching this winter at an MK boarding school,  Morrison Academy in Taiwan. His senior piano recital will be next spring and anyone that would like to come is welcome! “Just e-mail me at with any questions.”  (08/00)

Christina Folkestad (’97) married  Erik Wahlen on April 8, 2000. She is finishing her last semester at Crown College student teaching and will be done in December.  She and Erik  are currently planning on attending Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York in the fall of 2001.  Christina can be reached at  (08/00)

Brooke Wiens (’97) is starting her junior year at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia.  She is majoring in Early Childhood Education and really enjoys it.  She is looking forward to having her own class someday.  Brooke’s e-mail address is:    (08/00)

After waiting for two years to get into an electrical apprenticeship program in Oregon, Andrew Boles (‘98) was just accepted and started this summer. The last year and a half he has been working for a builder so has a good foundation to build on. (09/00)

Chad (’98) and Nicki Clason were married May 27, 2000 in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  Nicki is a senior at Crown College, and Chad is a junior there. He is currently working full time as a merchandising specialist at a new computer store called MicroCenter.  Chad’s major is business, and he and Nicki intend to go overseas as tentmaker missionaries to Saudi Arabia someday and are preparing for that.  Chad enjoys playing computer games, he currently has three pet piranhas, and he still enjoys watching good action movies. E-mail:  (08/00)

Becky Robertson (’98) is at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, majoring in Music Education. She has completed two of five years in her degree program, and after graduation hopes to teach for a while before going into ethnomusicology.  Becky just got back from Burkina where she was interning for the summer with an SIL ethnomusicologist, which she loved.  Becky can be reached at:  (08/00)

Kenneth Williams ('98) is attending Louisiana College, where he is a junior. He plays soccer for the school. Kenneth will be getting married on December 16, 2000 to Kristi Hunter.  I’m sure they would welcome any classmates and friends who could attend. 

Matt Harner (’99) is a sophomore at Toccoa Falls College. He is studying Pastoral Ministries, Greek, and Hebrew. His future plans are to go into the ministry, but he’s not sure whether that will be in the U.S. or overseas, though he can see good possibilities with both.  Matt is coaching a Bible quizzing team and participates in EE. He is also busy helping new freshmen to get oriented to collage. Matt’s e-mail address is:  (08/00)

Carla Smith  ('99) wants to let everyone know that she is still at Carson-Newman as a premed major and is tackling Organic Chemistry this year!! She spent the summer with her grandparents in Waynesville, North Carolina, and worked part time at a church day care. For the ones who have not heard by now, Carla is dating a guy very seriously. She writes, “No we are not talking marriage but I have certainly found a true friend. Some of you all know him!! I would love to hear from all you.”  You can get hold of Carla at: or  (08/00)


2000's grads - Please send your news to Jeff Requadt, 2625 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85032 or e-mail to


Gary and Leanne Boles (maintenance; class sponsors 1990-92) recently moved their manufactured home from Seaside, OR, to property they purchased 11 miles east of town. Leanne writes:  “Gary has finished his commercial electrician apprenticeship program. He is in the process of getting his journeyman's license. It's been a long 5 years but well worth it. He has also been working hard to get our little ranch in order this year.  I am still working in our local rural hospital. When you are a small hospital away from the city there are many hats for an RN to wear. Rarely am I bored. It is very rewarding to care for our neighbors, friends and their families. We are hoping to be able to use our talents for some short term projects on the mission field in the future.” (09/00)

Marvin and Margaret Clatterbuck spent 1973-1975 and 1978-79 at ICA as teachers and administrator at ICA, and wrote us in June:  “We have fond memories of the time spent there.  They were years we look back on as probably the best years of our life. We now live in Stockton, CA. We have our own home here and our youngest son, Gary and his wife, Joy, live straight across the street from us. Margaret had her 90th  birthday in February and I will be 89 in July. We take care of ourselves and I still mow my yard and take care of all the trees we have in the back yard.  We have fresh fruit from them throughout the year. I still drive and we do most every day. We have three sons and one daughter, six grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.…”  E-mail  

Jan Daugherty attended C&MA Council in Tampa to see her friend, Janice Orman.  She also saw 50 other missionaries and 20 MKs and really enjoyed it.  E-mail Miss Jan at

Bea Dresler (Bethany Dorm Parents '78-'80 & '81-'85) lives in Everett, WA with daughter and son-in-law Debbie and Dave Runkel and their 3 children. Bea recently retired from an engineering firm that she had worked at for the past 10 years. She is now working from home doing sewing, alterations, bookkeeping, tutoring and substitute teaching. To kick off her retirement, she is took a cruise in April to the Caribbean with her only sister. She recently purchased a camper van and plans to visit her family in Oregon more regularly. Not that this doesn't keep her busy enough, but she also spends lots of time with her 5 grandsons and one granddaughter, and is the director of Cubbies in the Awana program at church. E-mail Bea at (03/00)

Chuck and Joan Dudley (Bethany dorm parents in the 70’s), since last year’s retirement have “been ‘in limbo’ regarding our earthly residence outside of our bodies,” spending time in Rhode Island, and then Jacksonville and DeLand, Florida and also with their daughter, Joy (’84), and her family in Kentucky and son, Curt (’82) and family in Portland, OR.  Last we heard, they were due to move to a new home they were purchasing in Jacksonville in July.  E-mail:

Jean Hotalen reports that Howdy and Jody Filkins, (FWB dorm parents, 70's) spent four days with them in Toccoa Falls, GA, recently. Howdy had had a table saw accident, and his hand was bandaged. He lost a finger and had a deep laceration to the middle of his hand, but was not in a lot of pain. (09/00)

Dave & Pam (Hall – Office Staff, ‘70’s) Arthur live in Albany, Oregon. They have two children: Jonathan (22) graduated from George Fox University this year.  He will be continuing at Oregon State University in the fall aiming for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ben (20) is a student at the local community college. He wants to be a police officer and is working on his degree. Pam was home with the boys, has worked for a couple of counties over the years and is presently at home again. Dave is in financial planning working out of a credit union in Corvallis. ( (08/00)

Uncle Bud and Aunt Jean Hotalen (Bethlehem Dorm Parents 70-80’s) are living five minutes outside of  Toccoa, Georgia in a rural area with a mountain behind them, a creek before them, and lots of land for the family -- 5 children, 4 married, 16 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren -- to play football. Uncle Bud is an elder in their church and Aunt Jean is a pianist and the accompanist for the choir. They mentor college students, lead Bible studies and they built a  2-car garage for the purpose of storing the goods of three of their children  who are missionaries in Africa. The Hotalens’ daughter, Joy, who did not attend ICA, and her husband have two grandchildren so that means the Hotalens have two GREAT grandchildren.  One of them lives nearby which is great for Great-Gramma and -Grampa. Three grandchildren also live in town. They love company and anyone is welcome to  stop by. 706-282-0855   (

Rich & Marla Husby (Bethany Dorm Parents, 70’s) are empty nesters as of July when Craig entered the Air Force Academy. Eric will graduate from Wheaton College in May and he will be commissioned in the army. He has a deferment for law school. Kari is at Wheaton and juggled sports, jobs and studies. Rich is considering a change next year from classroom teaching.

Wayne & Susan (Mathews; high school teacher) Corapi live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Susan works as the International Student Coordinator at Regent College, and Wayne is teaching at Trinity Western University. They have four boys ages 17, 15, 11 and 9. ( 

What's this we hear about Uncle Russ Ragsdale (Director) line dancing at a hoe-down party in Budapest last year???? Yes, our spies are everywhere. We've been told there is a video, so we are working on procuring it for posting on the ICA Alumni web site perhaps.  Stay tuned.

After three years in Mexico, Carol & Sharon Roth (Business manager and teacher ‘78-84) moved to Saudi Arabia in August, but you can still e-mail them at

John and Liz (MS science) Steketee hope to return to Cote d’Ivoire in December 2000, after a year of home assignment in Augusta, GA.    They will leave Barb (’98) and Paul (’99) in the U.S. in college.  Mary will be a junior at ICA.  E-mail the Steketees at  (08/00)

Dennis & May (Wyeno - teacher) Clermont have served as missionaries with Southern Baptist in Jos, Nigeria since 1993. They are teachers at Hillcrest School. Dennis has mostly been in the middle school teaching Bible, Science and P.E. May has helped out as school counselor as well as a middle school Bible and Social Studies teacher. They have three boys: Matt (20) is a junior at Union University in Jackson, TN. Justin (19) is a sophomore at Union University. Christopher (17) is a junior in high school at Hillcrest. (08/00)

Staff, please send news to ICA Alumni Echoes, 14 Winchester Drive, Nerang, QLD 4211 Australia. Or e-mail to


David Andrew, born February 8, to Andy (’84) & Stacey Curtis.  Big sister is Elizabeth.

Jared Patrick, born March 4, to Darin and Julie (Springer '88) Dean. Daughter Hannah is 2 1/2 years old.

Brady Morgan and Brian Hutton, twin boys, born April 1, to Bill and Nancy McComb, former Baraka dorm parents.

Arickson Allen, born April 10, to Rick (‘80) and Elisabeth Arnold.  Big sisters, Annelise, Amandalee, and Alyssalyn, are very excited.

Grant Wesley, born to Kirk (’86) and Laura Slater on April 13. Grant joins brother Austin.

Christina Shea, born May 21, to Robin (Shea, ’90) and Kevin McGee (’91).  Big sister is Mary, Mary, 2 1/2 years old.

William Michael, born May 23, to Micah (‘91) and Cara Key.  William died of a SIDS-like illness on July 12. Their first son, Malachi Spence, is 18 months old.

Ijemma, a daughter born June 20, to Emeka (’84) and Sophia Ojukwu –their first child.

Nicole Rachelle, born June 22, to John (’84; staff) and Liz Parsons (staff)--their first child.

Keenan Nathaniel, born July 1, to Toby (’92) and Susie Eadelman--their first  child.

Sean Patrick, born July 12, to Amy (Long, ’91) and Pat McFarland--their first child.

Nadia Anne, born July 26, to Andy and Becky (Watkins, ‘92) Messer, in Quebec, Canada--their 3rd child.

Caleb Mark, born August 15, to Paul and Rhoda Creech (FWB Dormparents 90’s) – their fourth child.

Micah Ethan, born August 16, to Philip (’85) and Shannon Maxwell.  Big brother is Noah.

Claire Elise, born August 25, to Don and Sheri (Slater ‘80) Fuller. She joins her big brother, Jonathan.

Kyle James, adopted on August 31, by Michelle (Unruh ’83) and Lee Sonius, just 32 hours after hearing that he was soon to be born.  Kyle joins Lee, Michelle, and big brother TJ on home assignment from Abidjan.

Jenna Marie, born September 14, to Jon and Joy (Dudley ’84) Bigley.  Big sibs are Jerod and Jamie.


Christina Folkestad (’97) married Erik Wahlen on April 8, 2000.

Jacqueline Bogoil Grecco and Daniel Maxwell (’80), in São Paulo, Brazil, Jackie’s home, on May 20, 2000.

Chad (’98) and Nicki Clason were married May 27, 2000 in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Shawn (’92) and Grace Barnwell were married July 22, 2000.

Deeanne Hagerup ('96) and Jason Maas on July 29th, in State College, PA. 

Becky (Babcock ’96) and Nathan Williams were married August 5, 2000.

Julie Abuhl to Dr. Mark Myers on August 11, 2000 in Wheaton, Illinois. ICA-ers in attendance: Beth (Abuhl ’79) Worley and family, Gwen (Abuhl ’78) Alderman and family, Sharon (Abuhl ’75) Pelton and family, Lee (’76) and Vi (McGarvey ’75) Abuhl and family, Paul van den Berg (’75) and family, Aunt Betty Abuhl, Katrina Eadelman (’95), Brian and Donna (Skinner ’82) Phillips (’82) & family, Judy (Skinner ‘72) Stewart and family. Tirza Abuhl (’01; Lee & Violette's daughter) and Jessica Pelton (Sharon's daughter) were candle lighters. Andrea Phillips (Brian & Donna's daughter) was flower girl. Our alumna reporter, Brenda Kopp says, "It was a nice wedding and fun to see everyone. Was strange having a classmate as 'father of the bride'!!! "


William Michael Key, born May 23,  to Micah (‘91) and Cara Key, died of a SIDS-like illness on July 12, 2000.

Herb Nehlsen (dorm parent with wife Jessie, at Bethel Dorm, 1966-67 and 1971-72, and father of grads, Debbie Peck ‘68, Becky ’70, Steve ’76, and Judy ‘79) passed away on Saturday, September 02, 2000.   Many alumni and missionaries attended the funeral on September, 9, 2000, in Arden, NC, just outside Asheville.

Report on Herb Nehlsen Funeral September, 9, 2000, from Jean Hotalen (Bethlehem Dorm Mother 70’s-90’s)

“Bud and I went to the memorial service for Herb Nehlsen, and it was wonderful. So God-honoring, so joyous even in the midst of sorrow. We went with a vanload of missionaries from Toccoa and got to Arden, outside Asheville, NC, right at 11 a.m. when it started. The large funeral home chapel was packed. Jessie and family sat in the front 2 rows on one side. Jessie, Becky, Debbie, Steve and Judi all had something to say about Herb. Very touching! I called Jessie the eve. before, and she said the grace of the Lord was wonderfully upholding them all, and they were sensing a marvelous strength and calm. They were sure it was due to all the prayers going up for them. 

“Dave and Margot Kennedy came, Dave representing the C&MA Division of Overseas Ministries (DOM) and doing a great job. Deloris Burns Bandy, Nansie Burns Ike, Doug Conkle, Rusty Eramo, Laura Livingston's mother, and 2 old-time friends of Herb all shared remembrances and kind words. The best thing was, that all the nice things said about Herb were true. He was the dearest man, so Christ-like in many ways. Herb's pastor spoke of his strong passion for the lost, especially the Muslims of Africa, and how he kept this burden before their local church. Amy Nehlsen, Steve's wife, and a young man both sang specials. Stan Burns played the tom-tom while we all sang a favorite Jula chorus of Herb's. The service went about an hour and a half, then there was a receiving line in a room off the chapel where we could talk with all the Nehlsen family. Steve and Amy Nehlsen, Abby, Kari and Peter came from Cote d'Ivoire; Debbie and Larry Peck, Andrea and Nathan came from Rome, Italy; Becky came from Las Vegas, and Judi from West Palm Beach. 

“The ladies of the church served a fabulous buffet to all the out-of-town guests and family members at the community center at the retirement community where Jessie lives. We saw, among others, John and Diane Bostdorff, Dick and Lil Phillips, Deloris Bandy, Steve and Nansie Ike, Jim and Judy Plumb, Stan Burns, Hosh Livingston, Dr. John and Marian Slater, Rusty Eramo. From Toccoa we were the Ritcheys, the Peases, the Conkles, Dr. Deb Walker, Betty Canberg Smith, the Dave Harveys and Clarence Walker, all in a van.

“Memorial gifts can be made in Herb's honor by sending checks to: C&MA, P. O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500.  You can request the gift to go to an African project, a project in Burkina Faso, or whatever/wherever. “

Contact Aunt Jessie at 266 Rocky Mtn. Way, Arden, N.C. 28704-8445.

Un Confesion

To:  Mrs. Sharon Roth (Staff ‘78-84)

From:  Daniel Buck (’82)

Subject: Un Confesion

Hola, Maestra!

After all these years I have your e-address and I can come clean. No, it isn't anything terrible I did, but I have to say that in the end I was wrong and you were right. 

I signed up for Typing I in the fall of 1979 under orders from my parents, who assured me that in order to get through college I would have to know how to type. Typing I turned out to be run by a drill sergeant who tapped out time on the concrete floor with a yardstick in a way that made one think she would crack him on the head with it if he didn't make his quota of wpm for the week, and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Furthermore, she kept emphasizing: 1) How easy it had been for her to get up to 90wpm; 2) How well the anonymous student A and student B were doing on the wall chart; and, worst of all, 3) How doomed we would be in life if we couldn't type at least 40 wpm. How I hated that wallchart, anonymous as it was! I was sure everyone just KNEW, in the same way I knew Students A and B were Brian Phillips and Tami Heinzig, that the student with the shortest line on the bar chart was Dan Buck. And I never made the weekly quota until the week after it had been raised. I finished the year with an F-, but thanks to Mrs. Roth, that drill sergeant of a typing teacher, I, who couldn't type 8 wpm the first week was now finally typing 40 wpm. My future in life may not have been assured, but at least I wasn't doomed to a life of failure. I could type! 

When I left ICA in the summer of 1980, one of the few things I took with me was my typewriter. I didn't use it much until my college years, when I typed out term papers at the agonizing rate of two pages an hour. I typed a lot of letters, though, and found that I enjoyed putting words together when I knew there wasn't a teacher with a red marking pen reading it on the other end. But I still hated term papers! 

After I finished college, I joined the Navy to get back out of debt. After boot camp, I was sent to a prestigious military language school to learn Arabic. While there, I had the opportunity to use a computer for the first time, and suddenly writing a term paper became so much less of a chore that I actually enjoyed it. Now I could play around with ideas and the end result would show my mental, rather than my manual, dexterity with words.

An unforeseen set of circumstances resulted, after two years of language school, in a transfer to the deck department of the USS JASON, a repair ship based in San Diego. There I was handed a paintbrush and put to work on the endless and thankless chore of painting the ship from stem to stern, only to turn around and start the whole messy process all over again, month after month. My only chance to get out of the deck department was to "strike" for another position on the ship. After a year, an opening came up in the Captain's Office, and I went for it. The only qualification: I had to be able to type! Now I was thankful for the drill sergeant who made a typist out of me, and I had to eat my words when I complained about being taught to be a secretary when all I wanted to learn was how to type. I was now a secretary to the captain of the USS JASON!

After a year of that, I was promoted and offered a chance to stay in the Navy. I got out instead, taking my typing skills and office experience to the civilian world, where I worked for several different temporary services over the next few years, landing one office job after another based on my growing typing and computing skills. I never dreamed in 1979 how much a part of my life the computer would become, and now, thanks to the computer, I am able to offer this tribute to my typing teacher, Mrs. Roth, the beloved drill sergeant. 

Glad to be out of boot camp and never going back, I am your faithful student, Daniel Buck

P.S. After all these years, I can still remember how to put Encl.: at the bottom of a letter, but I'm having a hard time remembering to actually enclose the stuff before I seal the envelope!

[Ed. note: Daniel is a Translations Coordinator for World Missionary Press in Indiana. He says he often runs across names of ICA'ers who are back on the field distributing the booklets he helps to produce!]

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Elections were held October 22, 2000, and although the Socialist candidate, Gbagbo had appeared to have won the election, on October 23, BBC radio was reporting that the electoral commission had been fired and its chairman kidnapped. In the early afternoon Junta leader Guei announced that he was the winner by eliminating all the districts where fraud was suspected on the part of Gbagbo. Gbagbo and his supporters are, of course, unhappy.  The major port city of Abidjan is at a standstill, military presence is everywhere, and the airport, schools and businesses are closed.    Check for the latest news from Cote d’Ivoire. Further reports indicate Guei has fled to Cotonou, Benin.


Alumni staff 2000-01:

Mike Cousineau (’73)--Business manager

Bill Grudda (’75)--PE, athletic director

Shari (Arnold ‘81) Timberlake--Brethren dorm mom

Brian Bliss (’84)--Berea dorm dad 

Judy (Harvey ’85) Schultz--Bethlehem dorm mom.

Alan Shea ('88)--technology coordinator 

Rhonda Rathbun ('89)--registrar and guidance counselor while Cardens are on furlough, and librarian until Pearl Baxter gets back

Brenda Byerly (’94)—PE 

Amy Marine ('96)--teaching kindergarten and preschool for staff and a few local families (not "officially" ICA staff)

During a regular checkup this past summer Elmer Baxter was found to have early stages of prostate cancer. He had surgery on August 21, and ICA has received word that the doctors are certain they got every trace. So it is hoped that the Baxters will return to ICA by the end of October.


Class of 2000 information: 

21 graduates

Where from: Ghana (1); Guinea (2); Cote d'Ivoire (11); Benin (3); Mali (3); North Africa (1) Citizenship: Ghanian (1); American (17); Chinese (1); Ugandan (1); Kenyan (1)

Average years at ICA: 5.7

Most years at ICA: 10.5

Least years at ICA: 1

Future plans: College (18); Work (2); Internship in Mali (1)

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